Exploring the far future timeline and trying not to lose sleep


Thanks for all the replies to last week’s update. Y’all are smart. Please hit reply anytime!

It was a long week, but it’s finally Friday. So let’s get right into it…

Here’s what I’m tracking this week…

Facebook Goes All-In on Audio: This week Facebook announced a number of audio features coming to the platform, including Soundbites (short-form audio stories), Podcasts, Live Audio Rooms in Facebook and Messenger (similar to Clubhouse), and a set of new audio creation tools including background noise cancellation, speech-to-text, and voice morphing. Listen to a sample of audio on Facebook here.

Purple iPhones and Other Apple Event Highlights: Apple’s first big tech launch of 2021 featured lost item finder chips called AirTags, super skinny and colorful new iMacs, podcast subscriptions, a new Apple TV box and remote (with actual buttons!), and a purple iPhone 12. Finally. Read more here.

Future Today Institute’s 14th annual Emerging Tech Trends Report: Futurist Amy Webb’s data-driven analysis for the emerging tech trends that need to be on your radar in 2021 from SXSW this year is now live on YouTube for anyone to watch. Amy walks through scenarios for the future of business, governing and society, and provides an accessible and engaging look at things like ingestibles, printing DNA, video glasses, and more. Watch here.

Patents of the Week:  Although patent filings aren’t a guarantee that new technology will come to fruition, they give us a hint of where we may be headed next. Google is exploring restaurant menu codes that open AR looks at what each dish looks like. Amazon has a patent for group audio chats. Apple is looking at using your iPhone underwater and haptic feedback in AirPods. And reminders to tell you to charge your phone. Microsoft has designed a trap for mosquitoes to study the diseases they carry and help prevent their spread to humans. Read about these and more here.

Timeline of the Far Future: How long until the Sun turns into a black dwarf? How long before Mount Rushmore will be completely eroded? How long until Chernobyl is safe? Explore this far future timeline and try not to lose sleep. It’s all a LONG time from now.

Business Reads of the Week: 1) How Anjali Sud Reinvented Vimeo by Moving From Streaming to Software; 2) Anxiety When There’s a Lot to Be Anxious About; 3) The Raiders, Social Media Managers And The Vortex of The Internet’s Hate.

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