Social Pulse, Week of 10-7

Google’s Frightgeist: Google Trends has compiled a collection of Halloween-based search trends, including the most-searched Halloween costumes, including groups, couples, babies and even pets. The number one result for baby costumes? Banana. Experience Wars: As companies work to automate their back-end technology and build in-store experiences worth sharing for customers, it’s important not to lose […]

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SWAN of the Week, No 119

Have you ever felt like you need to be in multiple places at once?

A Russian startup launched serial production of unique life-like robots that not only look like you and mimic your facial expressions, but also can work for you. So now it’s technically possibly to be in two places at once. Read on!

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SWAN of the Week, No 117

A peaceful gathering of almost half a million people in a small space. The shared consciousness of a massive crowd feeling the same feelings. Goodwill and helping each other out, when all the odds and culture seems against you. And music and art and the power of creativity.

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