SWAN of the Week, No. 126

Happy Friday!

This week I was in Chicago for work, where all I wanted to eat was pizza BUT INSTEAD I ate two cheeseburgers and a bad chicken wrap. But I read a Chicago Magazine article about the Top 25 Pizza Places and have now bookmarked Bungalow by Middle Brow for my next trip.

I’m in a Pink Floyd kick right now. Having grown up listening to Ummagumma, Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, it was the laser show at the Science Center of Iowa that introduced me to Animals and a healthy respect for Division Bell. I’ve seen Rogers Waters live a few times, and would have loved to see the Division Bell tour with David Gilmour. They’re definitely different flavors of the same band. Anyway, my all-time favorite album is Animals, and you should stream it for your coworkers today.

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving next week, and many of us dread the inevitable conversations, arguments and drama that arise when families get together – particularly when there’s so much anger and vitriol in the country right now.

Steve Ballmer’s USA Facts put together a nice little “Thanksgiving Table Topics” list of facts that can help start Thanksgiving conversations on the same factual footing. Things like: “Opioids are now responsible for more US deaths than cars or guns.” And “Only 36% of American eighth-grade students were reading at a grade-proficient level in 2017.” USA Facts doesn’t give you any partisan talking points. It just gives you raw facts and data for you to make your own assertions. Pretty cool.

Good luck with fact-checking your family this Thanksgiving, friends!

See you on the internet!