#Snowmageddon – since 2008



Last February my friend Doug and I created the “Snowmageddon” Twitter meme over our morning coffee.

The conversation was something like, “People are really freaking out about this storm. Let’s name it and get a top Twitter trend.” Then we laughed. Then we tweeted. Then we blogged. Then we created a logo and live Web cam to help fuel discussion throughout the day.

We can’t take all the credit, of course. The storm itself helped a lot. And the media. And the technology that allows freaked out snowmiacs to connect, collaborate and share. In fact, at one point Twitter users crashed TwitPic with all of the uploads of snow.

“Snowmageddon” hit the #1 Twitter trend by the afternoon as the snow kept falling (it took American Idol later that event to bring it down). More than anything, it was fun to see local media (WCCO was first) and even The Weather Channel referring to the six inch snow storm as “Snowmageddon” by day’s end.

The next day, Mykl Roventine created an “I survived Snowmageddon” t-shirt and a legend was born.

If you haven’t heard, the Minneapolis metro area is going to get 4-6″ inches today, and folks are unnaturally freaking out. It may because it’s the most significant storm we’ve had this winter. It may be because of media hype. Or it may just be because we’re sick of Tiger Woods, political b.s. and So You Think We Can Dance. Weather is a great distraction.

Will you survive snowmageddon?

Live Webcam from my office window in Bloomington, MN: