Social Pulse, Week of 6-15

Every week I keep tabs on what’s trending, new technology and consumer habits that impact the social web. These are summed up in a round-up called Social Pulse.

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SocNet Updates:

Online Shopping During COVID-19 Exceeds 2019 Holiday Season Levels: According to Adobe’s May 2020 Digital Economy Index (DEI), which tracks the state of e-commerce, online shopping levels during COVID-19 (April to May) were higher than what retailers saw during the 2019 holiday season (November to December), with an extra $52bn spent. Pinterest released new research that shows the number of online purchases it drove for grocery retailers jumped nearly 70%, month-on-month, in March.

HS Students Using Social Media to Expose Racism: Black students at dozens of high schools and colleges across the country have banded together to create Instagram accounts to anonymously share black student experiences and hold the schools accountable. Key quote: “Our society is filled with racism and schools are not hermetically sealed from it.”

At-Home Tech, Near-Hollywood Quality: Consumer electronics have replaced studios during the pandemic, The Verge has a detailed breakdown of the off-the-shelf gadgets Seth Meyers uses to self-produce Late Night from home: iPad, Sennheiser ClipMic Digital, and Dropbox. And his house band uses Houseparty and Garage Band.

Black U.S. Adults Follow COVID-19 News More Closely: Black Americans, a group that has been hit disproportionately hard by the coronavirus outbreak, have been paying closer attention to many elements of the outbreak – and discussing it more frequently with other people – than other U.S. adults, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted before nationwide protests began over the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Clean Up Your Old Social Posts: Facebook introduced easier ways to delete old posts last month. Here’s a detailed breakdown how to find, archive, or delete old posts from your personal timelines.

Predictions of the Week: Professor Scott Galloway outlines 5 possible scenarios for the future of tech — including Apple launching a search engine, Twitter pivoting to subscriptions, LinkedIn launching micro-blogging, the merger of Spotify-Sonos-Netflix, and the death of Quibi.

App of the Week: Zigazoo is a TikTok-inspired app for kids rooted in short form video activities, projects and learning activities in a kid-safe environment, with content based on grade level. It’s reached 100,000 uploads/downloads so far and current content seems best suited for kindergarteners. Download here.

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday: Nearly a decade after ‘Friday,’ Rebecca Black is now 22 and has emerged as a queer pop icon. Follow her on Instagram here: @msrebeccablack

Viral Video of the Week: The Typewriter Orchestra Performs from Home


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