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From The Atlantic:

“To elide that one of the reasons we spend so many hours in front of our screens is that we have to misses the key point about our relationship with modern technology,” he writes. “This is a problem with the way we approach labor, not our devices,” he writes. In other words: This is about humans, not technology.

But, making technology the source of all evil makes dealing with our problems easier. The solution to gadget addiction: Meditation.


I turned my phone off, put it in my glove compartment and went camping for the week.

Here’s what I missed:

  1. 45 Facebook notifications about nothing
  2. A news story that Digg was sold for only $500,000.
  3. Approximately 500 work emails that took less than 2 hours to get through on Saturday.
  4. 2 voicemails that weren’t urgent.
  5. These pictures of dinosaurs mating

That’s about it. You should try unplugging sometime soon. You’ll miss nothing.