Social Pulse, Week of 8-19

The Cut and Paste Chain Letter Hoax is Back: This week a number of celebrities and social media users once again cut and pasted a legal-esque disclaimer to their feeds to supposedly protect their information from imminent changes to social network policies. Wired Magazine dug into Why People Keep Falling for Viral Hoaxes: “These sorts […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 8-12

Happy Birthday TikTok! August marks the one year mark of TikTok’s launch in the U.S., and today finds itself lauded for its creativity, the go-to place for the next Old Town Road, and the prime test-and-learn destination for brands. If you haven’t downloaded TikTok yet, check it out today! DIY Face Filters Come to Instagram: […]

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Social Pulse, Week of July 29

Social Network Updates: This week Snap and Twitter started running separate but simultaneous ad campaigns with a common theme: You aren’t your true self when you use Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is funding research to decode spoken dialog from brain activity. Senator Josh Hawley proposed legislation to prohibit social media companies from exploiting users through […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 7-22

Twitter Adds Retweet Options: This week Twitter added the ability to both Retweet and Retweet with Comment to public and verified accounts. Meanwhile, the creator of the Retweet says the function is like “handing a four-year-old a loaded weapon.” Chinese Vertical Dramas Show the Future of Mobile Video: “Vertical Dramas” are what Chinese producers call […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 6-24

You’ve Got a Friend: With the goal of understanding what friendship is all about, Snapchat commissioned a massive global study around friendship: The Friendship Report. The research shows Gen Z is adjusting their approach to friendship away from the Millennial desire for widespread networks and are looking for more closeness and intimacy with a smaller […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 6-16

Twitter Removes Geolocation: This week Twitter announced it is removing the ability to tag your precise location from tweets. It will still ask for access to a user’s precise location to show them local content — such as ads and recommendations but won’t share those coordinates publicly through tweets. Facebook Comment Rankings: Facebook has changed […]

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