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All the more reason for brands to retain focus on the conversation part of social media as a complement to content strategy…

Curator is more about helping impact Twitter’s bottom line by helping the company’s tweets be shown to a larger, if not “logged-in,” audience.

This metric is something Twitter has been trying to push in recent months, estimating that there are some 600 million people who land on Twitter pages while logged-out, while the network itself claims just 288 million registered users. The company’s recent search deal with Google should impact those numbers significantly, too. And by getting more tweets seen on news sites and TV programs, the company can again tout – and now, by way of Curator, track – the visibility and spread of its tweets to this wider audience.

via Twitter Publicly Launches Curator, Its Real-Time Search And Filtering Tool For Media Outlets | TechCrunch.


While brand managers were scratching their heads on the practical use of 6 second looping videos last winter, a few brands were leaning forward to experiment.

Ten months later, a handful of brands are reaping the rewards of forward looking thinking and experimentation…

There’s a lesson here. Not all marketing will result in immediate sales. Brands can demonstrate thought leadership, a passion for experimentation, and the desire to engage with influential micro communities by rallying around emerging technology and socnets rather than going with the “wait and see” approach.

The energy, leadership and learnings from experimenting with new opportunities offer cogent lessons for brands, whether they succeed (and play into longtail sales cycles) or fail (and have little to no impact on the bottom line).

Vine turns 1 in January. It’s about time to identify the next emerging opportunity and jump on it, don’t you think?

This takes second screen to the next level:

Watch TV, schedule a recording, and even change the channel directly from Twitter.

Change the channel directly from Twitter | Twitter Blogs.

It seems like many want Vine and Instagram to fail, but despite the reticence to be excited about new social engagement opportunities, these networks are growing faster than ever.

And with new research that shows branded Vines are four times more likely to be shared than video ads, marketers may just be learning that there are positive, value-adding strategies versus roadblocks and pre-rolls that force consumers to consume unwanted ad messages.

Value wins, and the sharing from niche networks to mass networks (ala Instagram to Facebook, and in this case, Vine to Twitter) will only grow these networks…

According to a study by video tech firm Unruly, 6-second Vine videos are being posted to Twitter at the rate of 9 per second, which is up from 5 per second two months ago…

The Unruly survey says that Vine now has more than 13 million users, and that the service is popular with advertisers since branded Vines are four times more likely to be shared than video ads.

Despite the hype, not everyone is enamored with the idea of sharing short video on social media…


via Vine use on Twitter up almost 100% in last two months, says survey.

On that last part about “hype,” who cares if not everyone is enamored? One may say that perhaps the author just needed a conflict to continue the story, but that’s not the case.

Perhaps a better question is, why do humans continually resist adaptation to emerging technologies — or the proposition that they will ultimately fail? Because they all will fail.

Some will succeed, but inevitably all will fail. We will evolve our habits and move to the next thing — whether it’s 3 weeks or 30 years, everything is tentative and temporary. And I’m glad.

Seasons are good. Both in weather and in technology. They spurn action, create innovation and prohibit us from falling into staid routines.

After all, are you still surfing AOL’s closed web and using that email address?

Oh…you are? Nevermind. I’ll fax you in 10 years, and we can grab a cappuccino.

Do you follow @GroundhogPhil on Twitter yet?

Punxsutawney Phil on Twitter @groundhogphil

Last year around this time I realized there was a huge missed opportunity for promoting Groundhog Day in social media.

So I went ahead and set Phil up with a Twitter account. @PunxsutawneyPhil was one character longer than Twitter allows, so I went for @GroundhogPhil.

To be fair, at the end of last year’s Groundhog Day, I wrote, “If you represent Punxsutawney Phil and/or Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, I will glady turn over the Twitter account to you. I’m just having some fun, so please shoot me a note.” But I never heard from anyone.

This year I’d forgotten about the account until I got a new follower e-mail notification indicating Laura Fitton (@pistachio) was following @GroundhogPhil.

This is hilarious for a couple reason: 1) no one had followed Phil for nearly a year; 2) at SXSW a couple years ago, my friend Nathan and I (virtually) stole Laura’s shoe, and she ended up slapping Nathan; 3) Laura is a Twitter expert and who knows what she thinks of character Twitter accounts.

So I busted out the password reset and started tweeting for Phil again this year. Here are some of my favs so far:

Hugo Chavez reportedly accusing US of testing weapon of mass de-sunshine in Punx, PA to mess with my prediction.6:48 PM Jan 22nd from UberTwitter

Mustache guy just stuck a hose in my burrow attached to his jeep’s exhaust pipe. I think the stress is getting to him.3:24 PM Jan 22nd from web

They say we’re young and we don’t know, We won’t find out until we grow… Babe…I got you babe.. #musicmonday
10:18 AM Jan 19th from web

Winter! I just love hats, coats, mittens AND sniffles! Let’s do this the rest of the year.
8:05 AM Jan 19th from UberTwitter

Moustache guy just dropped off a Snuggie and Mad Men on Blu-Ray. I aint coming out for months.
8:35 PM Jan 18th from UberTwitter

And…. still winter. In your face, people.
8:49 AM Jan 18th from UberTwitter

My prediction: Chuck Norris will get sick of winter and roundhouse kick the earth to tilt its axis and make it summer.
8:30 PM Jan 16th from UberTwitter

Saturday night, and I’m about to prognosticate up some pizza rolls.
4:59 PM Jan 16th from mobile web

A week ago, the tourism folks at have moved Phil into the 21st century with a sweet text campaign:

Sign up to get a text of Punxsutawney Phil’s Febuary 2, 2010 Weather prognostication from Gobblers Knob via your moble device by texting “Groundhog” to 247365 between now and Groundhog Day.

They have a Facebook Page and @visitpa Twitter account, too. However, they’re both overtly tourism focused and don’t follow through on the social character personality promise of the text campaign.

So I’ve continued tweeting as Phil. Yesterday, on the same day as Apple’s iPad announcement, PETA suggested Phil be replaced by a robot.

So Phil had some fun with it:

@PETA The idea that a robot could predict weather better than a rodent living beneath the ground is simply foolish. #iPhil
about 10 hours ago from web

Moustache guy is pretty shook up about this PETA robot thing. I’m getting a burrow makeover, complete with HDTV and a Wii!
5:08 PM Jan 27th from UberTwitter

Instead of a robotic groundhog to replace me, how about PETA sends over naked Pam Anderson from those anti-fur ads?
9:49 AM Jan 27th from web

And it was a surprise to get an @-reply from @peta!

@GroundhogPhil How lovely 2 hear from u Phil. Hope u get that holiday u deserve!
about 11 hours ago from HootSuite in reply to GroundhogPhil

There have actually been quite a few interesting people to strike up conversations with Phil this year. See some of the better ones here.

Okay, so I’m in year two of brandjacking Punxsutawney Phil. As I said last year, this is yet another example of why it’s critical companies, brands and individuals proactively stake out their online reputation.

Meanwhile, I’m not clever or entrepreneurial enough to keep this up. I’m hoping someone will respond to the note below and take it from here. Otherwise, who knows? Perhaps Phil will start speaking Spanish next year.

NOTE: If you represent Punxsutawney Phil and/or Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, I will glady turn over the Twitter account to you. I’m just having some fun, so please shoot me a note.