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Amazon Prime Day Fuels the Voice Control Trend: We continue to be excited about voice-control and A.I.-assisted devices becoming mainstream – an adoption curve that received a huge boost on Amazon Prime Day this week. The smaller Echo Dot (as we predicted yesterday) was by far the biggest item sold. Amazon doesn’t highlight any actual sales numbers, but sources say Echo devices were selling at a rate of “thousands per minute,” which Amazon later corroborated by noting that “Prime members in the U.S. are ordering more than 6,000 deals every minute” in an update late yesterday. There are now more than 15,000 Alexa Skills, and brands should continue to think about how their customers will interact with their products and services through this emerging technology. (LINK)


Ads Come to Facebook Messenger: Facebook is rolling out ads globally to the home page of its Messenger app. With 1.2 billion active users, we’re not surprised Facebook is looking for ways to monetize this engagement. For brands, this is yet another mobile-first touchpoint to leverage Facebook’s amazing targeting, and look for integration with branded chatbots – now just a quick click away from an ad to chat. (LINK)


‘Gangnam Style’ Is No Longer the Biggest YouTube Video: For the past five years, Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ had been YouTube’s most-watched video, but now Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ featuring Charlie Puth has topped the Korean superstar’s single. On YouTube, ‘Gangnam Style’ had become so popular that it literally broke the platform’s view counter.  Back then, videos on the platform had a maximum possible number of views set at 2,147,483,647, so the code had to be rewritten to allow it to exceed those possible views! ‘Furious 7,’ a tribute to the late Paul Walker, was also a significant contributor. In fact, the song has become one of the most requested funeral songs in the UK. Of note, Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry,’ Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk,’ and Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ are close behind both videos. (LINK)


Digital Mind Clones – Coming to An App Near You: Replika is a chatbot program that doesn’t just talk to people, it learns their texting styles to mimic their personality. Although it’s been out since March, Quartz wrote a fascinating long-form piece about neural networks, what happens when you train a bot to replace inane, time-consuming activities (like scheduling appointments), the limitations of today’s tech, the implications of what it means to be human and the pitfalls of outsourcing humanity to robots. It’s a fascinating long read, and had us signing up for Replika ourselves. Who knows, maybe it will send these emails on our behalf next week? (LINK)


A Dancing Hotdog Was Winning the Internet This Week but Beyoncé had a Friday Surprise: Snapchat’s AR filter of a cute breakdancing hotdog spread across the social web this week, and obvious brands such as Oscar Mayer, and not-so-predictable sources, such as Miami Heat player Hassan Whiteside, are having a frank-tastic time with the meme. Of course, this was only the trend of the web this week until Queen Bey dropped an Instagram of her twins this morning. (LINK)


Here’s what’s new this week:


Snap Maps: This week Snapchat debuted a new feature that shows users where their friends are, where the most Snaps are coming from at any given moment, and what’s happening around the globe — in real time. From the main camera screen, simply pinch your fingers together to trigger the map. There is a playful purpose to Snap Map, but the tool also has the power to break news and power brand activations in the same way that Twitter does with the Our Story curation feature.  (Snapchat’s New “Snap Map” Will Transform How You Connect With Friends)


Facebook GIFs: As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GIF, this week Facebook joined the ranks of social networks natively supporting GIFs in user comments. Nearly 13 billion GIFs were sent on Facebook Messenger last year, 400 million of those gracing family and friends on New Year’s Day 2017. Facebook only brought in sharing GIFs on News Feeds in 2015, letting users use site hosting the image to make a direct share to your feed. But now that they’re native, brands and users are already employing these new features for interactive games. We expect user use of GIFs will spice up community management engagement, as well. (5 fun games you can play with Facebook’s new GIF feature)


Instagram Live Replay: As of a few days ago, Instagram live streams can now be saved to your story for your audience to replay over the following 24 hours. Unique to the platform, Instagram’s live videos have always been ephemeral, and would disappear as soon as the broadcast ended. The feature puts Instagram on par with Periscope from a replay-able perspective, though it now has the edge of becoming wrapped into the easily consumable stories feature (which currently has over 250 million daily users!) This is especially great since Instagram only alerts some of your audience that you’re live, which means that your events will receive even more impressions than before. (Instagram adds 24-hour live video replays to Stories)


Google Glass: This week, in its first update since September 2014, Google Glass got an app update, some bug fixes and now supports Bluetooth. The updates triggered a news cycle and disbelief from the tech community. While we don’t anticipate Glass coming back in vogue, we respect how it paved the way for augmented reality (now coming native to the iPhone) and face cameras (now for sale in Snap Spectacles). And according to patent filings, Apple is working on glasses, too. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on what Google has up its sleeve… er on its face. (Google Glass is apparently still around — and just got its first update in nearly three years)