15 years from now we’ll play this Apple Siri video at conferences and laugh

The first thing I thought when I saw this Siri video promoting the new iOS 5 was, “Oh how quickly shiny new technology becomes antiquated.”

Brands have been educating consumers about the benefits of technology — from simple things like e-mail and photo attachments to more complex challenges like integrated devices and cloud storage — for decades.

In some ways, the education gap is larger than when the world was smaller and less connected. Where will we be in 15 years? Let’s look back to get a sense.

2011: “Now you can use your voice to use your iPhone.”

1998: “If you have a phone line, you can be online”

1993: “Have you ever sent someone a fax from the beach?”

I heartily look forward to the opportunity of mocking Siri as antiquated technology.

And I still can’t send a fax from the beach. Can you?