Social Pulse, Week of 7-8

Busting Instagram Myths: This week Instagram leaders tried to squash urban myths about the platform: there’s no limit to hashtags, shadow-banning isn’t a thing, “paid partnership” tags do not reduce engagement on posts, and editing a caption in the first 15 minutes (or even the first hour!) will not get you less likes. Which Voice […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 6-24

You’ve Got a Friend: With the goal of understanding what friendship is all about, Snapchat commissioned a massive global study around friendship: The Friendship Report. The research shows Gen Z is adjusting their approach to friendship away from the Millennial desire for widespread networks and are looking for more closeness and intimacy with a smaller […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 3-4

This week Mark Zuckerberg published a transformative vision for Facebook’s privacy-focused future that has raised more questions than it answered. Wired caught up with him live, and here’s their summary: Newsfeed isn’t going away. Targeting is hard when data disappears. But Zuck doesn’t have a public business plan for this new platform, but he appears […]

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