Greg in NY

NYC, April 2
Was in New York this week, had a great steak at the Capital Grille and stayed at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Terminal.
Business Chair, Grand Hyatt, NYC
The Hyatt’s hotel room desk chair was a B-.
Business Chair, Grand Hyatt, NYC
The chair had great lumbar support (my primary measurement of a desk chair), arms and 4-spoke wheels. Premium webbing on the chair back is always a plus.
Grand Hyatt, NYC
Grand Hyatt, NYC
Drawbacks included no height adjustment, no arm adjustment and these ugly rub marks where the chair has scraped on the desk over the years.

And a quick TP report for my pal Ed. I call this the “tuck and roll.”
TP Report, Grand Hyatt, NYC

But here’s the craziest, most backwards way to receive a hotel fax I’ve ever encountered:

  1. I got a voicemail in my hotel room informing me I had a text message.
  2. In order to retrieve this message, I needed to call the operator.
  3. I called the operator and nobody answered.
  4. Upon my automated checkout at the lobby kiosk, the system again informed me I had a text message and printed out this slip of paper.
  5. Text Message for a Fax?

  6. The paper told me that I had a fax and to get it at the front lobby desk.
  7. At the lobby desk, they called the business center to inquire about my fax.
  8. I was told to walk up two floors to the business center to retrieve my fax.