Patent Watch: Microsoft patent details using augmented reality to find lost keys 

Art, patents and culture — the three best ways to see where things are headed. And the room-tracking lasers on Microsoft Hololens are amazing at mapping a room. To the point that someone could move your keys or wallet, and while your human brain may not notice, Hololens would…

Microsoft envisions uses for augmented reality beyond digital pets and reading messages overlaid onto your environment — namely, finding your lost keys…

The idea here seems to be using augmented reality — via a headset, no doubt — along with a camera built into the device to identify trackable objects, and to point them out to the user whenever necessary. One such item is a wallet — the AR system could identify the wallet in a room, then keep track of its location, pointing the user toward it if needed.

Source: Microsoft patent details using augmented reality to find lost keys – SlashGear

I watch patents like these closely but take them more directionally than literally.

However, the idea of using technology to augment the fallible human brain for something like finding lost keys or a wallet?

Sign me up.

Microsoft’s 1999 home of the future video has just about come true

Microsoft smart home 1999For decades, humans have been obsessed with smart home technology that: opens automated window blinds when we wake up, orders pizza with the push of a button, creates custom entertainment and lightning experiences based on the user, and orders food automatically when our refrigerators are depleted.

These are the tenets of the smart home past, present and future.

In 1999, Microsoft produced this video on the home of the future, and you know what?

Just about everything that futurists at MSFT predicted is coming to fruition. Although, ironically, it’s Apple who is developing the operating system that will knit it all together.

[via Quartz]

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