Over 50% of all website visits from Google Glass users are to media sites

Highly recommend the entire piece, but here are some highlights..

For the past few years marketing has revolved around mobile app development and social media marketing. This year, however, will be the year we focus on digital video. Industry trends point to an increase in accessibility, content, and audience. For the media industry, increased demand for digital video will yield higher-than-ever advertising revenue. For marketers, opportunities to advertise in digital video will finally be practical.

Connected eyewear, such as Google Glass, seems insignificant now but an analysis of trillions of visits shows 8x growth in the past 5 months alone. Users are affluent and tech-savvy (much like the early tablet purchasers), making them premium audiences for marketers of luxury goods.

Digital video consumption set to explode in 2014 – Quartz.