SWAN of the Week, Number 140

“Nobody wants an autograph anymore; they all want a selfie.”

-Meryl Streep

Happy Friday!

This week I had the opportunity to speak at both the Chicago Portfolio School and Minnesota College of Art and Design. I absolutely love sharing work, ideas and challenges with the next generation in this industry.

We have so much to learn from these young people. I’m excited for what they will make/do/be. Bring it on!

AND THEN I presented at Social Media Breakfast in Minneapolis. The interactive community in this market is super smart and strong. I’m always so encouraged and energized seeing all the creativity from the attendees at these events. We made a TikTok!! Watch it here.

If you or someone you know are attending South by Southwest (SXSW) this year, be sure to check out the 3rd Annual Minnesota Meet-Up. RSVP here!

See you on the internet!


Greg talks Corporate Reputation Management at MCAD

MCAD Students Humoring Me
Last night I spoke to Rachael Marret’s Minnesota College of Art and Design (MCAD) marketing class on the topic of corporate reputation management.

I shared the developing case study of the Motrin Moms campaign crisis, the four-stage reputation recovery model (Rescue, Rewind, Restore, Recover) and an overview of how President-Elect Obama used social media to build a nation of advocates who helped shape his reputation (oh, and help get him elected).

It’s important to remember no reputation is bulletproof, each crisis and recovery has its own rhythm and you can’t just leave reputation up to the roll of the dice.

Also, if you aren’t out there participating in the social mediasphere, you have no ability to help shape your online persona or engage with people talking about your brand.

Here’s what you get if you Google “Greg Swan.” It still bugs me that these three folks are still crowding into my results.