Clive Thompson, on how successful networks nuture good ideas

Our ideas are, in a crucial way, partly products of our environment. They’re “inevitable.” When they’re ready to emerge, they do…

The things we think about are deeply influenced by the state of the art around us: the conversations taking place among educated folk, the shared information, tools, and technologies at hand.

via Thinking Out Loud: How Successful Networks Nurture Good Ideas by Clive Thompson.

Really makes you think about the people you staff on your team, those you associate with at work and in the community, and who your group of friends is outside marketing…they all have an impact.

“First” consumer branded Google Glass app introduced this week

Brands on Glass. Are you ready for this? I see this as a thought leadership land grab much like Second Life in 2007. Which brand will be first? However, there’s a key differentiator: finding ways to actually add value through wearable tech rather than just being first.

Years ago we were helping companies build and launch branded “islands” on Second Life. It wasn’t because millions of people wanted to hang out on a virtual island filled with branded messaging with their avatar of choice.

H&R Block's branded Island in Second Life
H&R Block’s branded Island in Second Life just in time for tax season in 2007.

Rather, brands wanted to be “first” at engaging with microcommunities of users on platforms that had the chance to advance consumer engagement through technology. Your brand may not have sold many cars or done many tax returns through your branded presence, but media outlets and trade press paid attention — and gave lots of coverage — to those companies who were doing new and innovative things in emerging channels.

Toyota hosted a virtual press conference to announce the launch of the new Scion xB and xD in Second Life in 2007.
Toyota hosted a virtual press conference to announce the launch of the new Scion xB and xD in Second Life in 2007.

I see huge potential here for wearable technologies, specifically Glass and self-tracking devices, like the Fuelband and Fitbit. Very few brands have experimented and made a mark in this space.

Now is the time.

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