Finally, a GoPro for your guts – the PillCam

Ingestible technology is just starting to become smart and affordable enough to gain consumer attention (and medical utility!). I’m excited about what’s to come (other than the colon cam selfies that are sure to come)…

Instead of going in through your out door like traditional colonoscopy equipment, you just swallow PillCam Colon like any other pill. Once it’s down the hatch, the device begins to snap high-speed photos of your digestive system, and then wirelessly beams them to a storage device you wear on your waist. After the pill has made it’s way through your guts (usually about eight hours) and picked up all kinds of glamour shots of your intestines, your doctor just hooks up the receiver box to a computer to check out the resulting video.

PillCam is like a GoPro for you guts | Digital Trends.