Beth Comstock, CMO of GE, on why their marketing is more innovative than most

Innovation can’t just be about fun ideas or wonky theories.  Innovation means new methods that yield results.  The challenge is often that time, trial and error are required to get to scale.  I’m a big believer in pilot projects to create proof points and staged development to make sure you get results.  Innovation without process is chaos. Trendspotting without translation leaves you empty.

via Why GE’s Marketing Is More Innovative Than Most.

GE on retiring the press release and fostering a culture of storytelling

It’s been said we’re all publishers these days. Journalism has certainly changed as the media landscape has shifted. You could argue there are no journalists anymore – because we’re all journalists. The barrier between media and society is disappearing – if it’s a good story, people don’t care where it came from. That’s a huge opportunity for brands to tell their own story…

But the culture inside the company is becoming hugely focused on storytelling. We have a CMO and CCO who have pushed us to focus on creating strong content and finding interesting ways to tell our story. Another colleague and I have been traveling around the company and holding writing workshops for our communicators. We teach storytelling – how do you put together an interesting narrative, like something you would read in a newspaper or a magazine. Now you have a chance to write the story yourself, so do it right.

An Interview with GEs Tomas Kellner