Social Pulse, Week of 5-27

Binge Watch: Amazon Prime is streaming “Google and the World Brain,” which covers the most ambitious project ever conceived on the Internet: Google’s master plan to scan every book in the world and the people trying to stop them. Recommended Follow: I’m loving the @colorpalette.cinema Instagram account, which is dedicated to exploring the use of […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 5-20

This week marks the 100th issue of the Social Pulse! We live in a social media climate that is always changing, evolving and disrupting itself. And it can be tough to monitor the latest changes in social networks, emerging technology and human behavior – not to mention applying context to know what’s important and why. […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 5-13

RIP Grumpy Cat! This week Instagram created a special ecommerce account called @shop that curates posts from online merchants that sell products through Insta. Every product on the @shop account has shopping tags that lets users make a direct purchase without leaving the app. Open the app on your phone, follow @shop, and check it […]

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Social Pulse, Week of May 5

Snapchat and Facebook Messenger are launching augmented reality camera effects for Mother’s Day. Facebook’s lens is live now, and on Sunday Snap will offer several Mother’s Day-themed AR Lenses, including a “My Momma” Lens Challenge, which provides users with text prompts for them to talk about how they feel about their moms. You can see […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 4-29

Facebook’s F8 conference made headlines this week due to its ‘fundamental shift’ in how it is develops products with privacy in mind, unveiling “a series of changes that will likely push brands away from native and display advertising further into a conversational and commerce-driven strategy.” Beyond Facebook’s design facelift, product changes and updates announced at […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 4-15

Would you swipe right… on Facebook? Facebook is testing a ‘swipeable’ news feed enabling users to side-scroll through content like Instagram and Facebook Stories. It would also merge Facebook Stories and Newsfeed content into one stream. It’s still in testing, but this could certainly be a way for Facebook to increase adoption, use and consumption […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 3-4

This week Mark Zuckerberg published a transformative vision for Facebook’s privacy-focused future that has raised more questions than it answered. Wired caught up with him live, and here’s their summary: Newsfeed isn’t going away. Targeting is hard when data disappears. But Zuck doesn’t have a public business plan for this new platform, but he appears […]

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