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“All Teslas will get an over-the-air update this summer, probably around June, allowing them to drive in “Autopilot” mode… it seems Autopilot will be disabled when you’re not doing freeway driving, which is by far the easiest aspect of autonomous vehicle activity. Musk did confirm that the Autopilot mode would be “technically capable of driving from parking lot to parking lot.” The car will also be allowed to drive itself when you summon it, and when you’re parking it in your garage.

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about some far-off future Tesla. We’re not talking about Google driverless car prototypes or government road tests. This is a car you can buy today, which will be given the ability to drive itself in a few months via the same setup that updates your iPhone.

Automated automobiles, automatically activated.”

Mashable: Tesla basically just ignited the driverless car era.


There is a serious lesson here…

One time, for instance, he needed a valve—”The one we had was too small, and we needed a bigger one,” Tom Mueller says. “We called a vendor and they said it would cost a quarter million dollars and it would take a year to make. We said, ‘We need it this summer.’ They laughed and told us to go away. So we decided to make it ourselves. They called us back in the summer. They were like, ‘Hey, how is it going with that valve?’ We said, ‘We made it, we finished it, we qualified it, and we’re going to fly it.'”

via Elon Musk Interview – Elon Musk SpaceX Interview – Esquire.

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