Immersive Air-Powered Entertainment You Can Feel (surround sound and 3D glasses are so 2012)

A single Aireal could conceivably support multiple people, and a grid of Aireals could create extremely immersive rooms, creating sensations like a flock of birds flying by. And for the end user, taking part is never more complicated than standing somewhere. It’s capable of creating a virtual tactile environment without forcing everyone to strap on strange peripherals.

via 1 | Disney’s Crazy Invention Lets You Feel Phantom Objects Floating In Air.


Game projectors enable the real world to become a digital playground

Disney Research is sharing a new projector interface they’ve developed that could soon be embedded into phones, tablets and computers…

How can projected imagery traverse the digital-physical divide to interact with physical objects and surfaces in the environment? HideOut explores how mobile projectors can enable new forms of interaction with digital content projected on everyday objects such as books, walls, game boards, tables, and many others.

We enable seamless interaction between the digital and physical world using specially formulated infrared-absorbing markers – hidden from the human eye, but visible to a camera embedded in a compact mobile projection device. Digital imagery directly augments and responds to the physical objects it is projected on, such as an animated character interacting with printed graphics in a storybook.

Check out the video.

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