Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd’s version of the automated home, circa 1954

How Looney Tunes imagined the automated home of the future 60 years ago…

Looney Tunes Automated Home circa 1954

“Design for Leaving” is a Looney Tunes short from 1954 parodying smart home technology of the day, including the Design for Living House in the Homes of Tomorrow Exhibition at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago.

Elmer Fudd Intelligent Home

Daffy plays a salesman from the Acme Future-Antic Push-Button Home of Tomorrow Household Appliance Company who installs the most wonderful intelligent home systems in Elmer Fudd’s home (sending him to Duluth while the installation was completed!).

Elmer Fudd Duluth van and storage co

The “system of the future” includes advancements in automated fire monitoring and home security, cleaning devices for wall scrubbing and window washing, tie-tying, a home elevator, and a most impressive central control panel filled with a hundred buttons that control all of the new appliances.

This episode aired almost 10 years before The Jetsons, and it’s fun to see a lot of this technology come to fruition 60 years later.