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For more than 20 years the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival has catalyzed creativity, technology and innovation for thousands of global attendees each March in Austin, Texas.

SXSW was the birthplace of emerging user behaviors like the digital backchannel (Twitter), geolocation wayfinding (Foursquare, now Swarm), group chat (Beluga, now Messenger) and social streaming (Meerkat, now Facebook Live). I’ve attended 11 years, presented four times, and now serve on the SXSW Advisory Board, helping develop programming that ensures our thousands of attendees get an experience that leads up to the conference’s legacy.

Last year, space150 hosted a panel on Deep Web and Dark Social (CBS News coverage of our panel), focusing on the changing habits of users sharing more 1:1 and using chat apps instead of public social networks. A year later, that POV proved to be extremely fortuitious, and “dark social was mentioned in any panel that covered social media in 2017.

This year space150 was again excited to produce a panel focusing on emerging consumer behaviors and technology. This one covered the evolution of consumer engagement through emerging consumer tech products, namely Snap Spectacles.

We highlighted our case study in using two of the first pairs to: 1) introduce Spectacles to pro sports for the first time with the Minnesota Wild, and 2) partner with Nike to bring POV trick shot footage through Spectacles to the NBA All-Star game, and more.

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Marc Jensen, and I also attended keynotes and sessions, explored brand activations, and participated in VIP preview events throughout the week.

We have prepared a full presentation on takeaways from the event — specifically covering the future of VR/AR/360, artificial intelligence, innovation labs, and the future of mobile behavior.

If you’re interested in seeing our presentation, hit me up!


With the increased focus — and adoption! — of social listening and social media engagement campaigns, it’s critical brands continue to consider dark social sharing behaviors that cannot be accurately tracked or quantified.

Seems simple-stupid, but the knee jerk reaction to dismiss email, IM and message boards as old-school communication mediums is more prevalent than you may think…

“Sharing activity through email, instant messaging and forum posts, aka dark social, is three times larger than the sharing activity on Facebook, globally,” the RadiumOne report finds, adding that “69% of all sharing activity takes place via dark social globally versus 23% via Facebook.”

RadiumOne also found that dark social represents the “majority” of sharing in 19 content categories, including “many that are important to advertisers such as travel, personal finance, technology and automotive.”

The report also found that more than a third of all social-sharing is now done via mobile device.

The report sheds another important ray of light on dark social sharing, finding that a third of consumers surveyed believe they only share via dark social. That percentage skews higher among older respondents.

via Study Sheds New Light On 'Dark' Social, Finds Consumers Underestimate Their Own Behavior 2-to-1.