More evidence that brand content requires context in today’s age, and people to oversee the model

[CNN’s Etan Horowitz] believes smart phones, Google Glass, and wearable technology are baby steps to a much more profound change that’s coming. The Internet will usher in an age where many more scenarios are possible; the app will understand highly specific user context, where the user is, what the user is doing—and serve up relevant information accordingly.

A few basic possibilities include displaying the weather when you step in your closet, or a list of errands when you’re on your way out the door.

As companies introduce new technology and users adopt them, brands will need emerging platform editors to anticipate how users can and should experience content.

via Why Your Brand Needs an Emerging Platforms Editor | The Content Strategist, by Contently.

iBeacons, adding context to our real world experiences

Estimote iBeacons

I’m quoted in Julio Ojeda-Zapata’s Pioneer Press story on iBeacons: Remember those helpful humanoids from ‘Minority Report’? They’re almost here

Staffers at Weber Shandwick, the PR agency known for geeky experimentation with exotic tech such as Google Glass, have just begun to explore iBeacon\’s possibilities.

“This could be a trend that is important in the long run,” said Greg Swan, a Twin Cities-based Weber Shandwick senior vice president of digital strategy. “It might not be iBeacon (itself), but contextual experiences with data being delivered to you have a prominent future.”

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