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See how, interestingly, if you combine information & function & visual form without story, you get “boring”. Something that looks good but isn’t that interesting.

Similarly, if you combine visuals, information & story without considering functionality and your goal, you get something useless.

Source: What Makes A Good Data Visualization? — Information is Beautiful


Ad Age: What to Do With the Content You’ve Just Made

Without a captive audience then, there\’s no such thing as \’advertising\’ any more. Adverts are no longer separate, rarified entities that can be held in higher mystique by ad-land creatives – they\’re just a piece of content that may or may not be found by a consumer seeking to be entertained or informed. And, frankly, it needs to be good, interesting and relevant content if you want anyone to pay attention to it.

The most important question for content marketers and ad execs is not an existential one – is what we are creating content marketing or advertising – but one of utility: Is what we are creating helpful to consumers who are seeking information or entertainment to meet their own interests and needs?

Whether a content marketer or advertiser, those that can answer in the affirmative will surely excel in the increasingly blurry world of content marketing and advertising.

via The existential tension between content marketing and advertising | Media Network | Guardian Professional.

Every piece of communication that companies create is potentially an asset that can be shared. Every piece of communication can help dimensionalize a company, further define its brands and tighten bonds with customers. But very few have that kind of macro perspective on and exposure to all the content they produce. At larger companies, which are often siloed and matrixed, few people even think about the kinds of content that can be shared with customers.

via Companies Need a Head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution | Adweek.

Adweek: Companies Need a Head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution

Part of my PR News Next presentation last month has been highlighted in this piece on PR News.

1. Possess a comprehensive knowledge of content strategy. According to Swan, more than 90% of marketers believe that content marketing will become more important during the next 12 months. Media operations are should be a management priority, while content will be a sustained part of PR and marketing communications.

2. Be a master of the most important communications tool conceivable to modern man: PowerPoint. Did you know that PowerPoint is used at an estimated frequency of 350 times per second? If you’re still struggling with putting together slides to showcase your latest campaigns success, you’re already behind the curve. Set aside some time to really learn your way around PowerPoint. For beginners, Swan outlined three must-haves for every PowerPoint presentation: Story arc, big visuals and context not content.

3. Unplug. Really. Fifty-six percent of your PR peers experience anxiety as a result of missing an important event or status update if they don’t monitor their social networks, Swan said. Employees who detach themselves from the office not only report higher levels of psychological well being than those who don’t, but also experience higher job performance at all levels. Do yourself—and your boss—a favor: Put down the iPhone.

via Back to School: 3 Crucial Skills to Master Today – PR News.