Greg in Savannah

View from Hilton DeSota room 707
This week I was in Savannah, Georgia. I stayed in the historic district and had a couple free nights to walk around. It was just as gorgeous as people say.
Historic Savannah

I absolutely love traveling to places that have a rich history, even if I only have enough down time to read commemorative plaques and pretend I know history. I’m also a big fan of the prevalent spanish moss that eclipses streetlights and mutes traffic noise in the multitude of centuries-old park squares one encounters every other block.

Historic Savannah

In my three days there, I saw only two groups of people: 1) hipsters hanging out at coffee shops and 2) a couple hundred gray-haired couples getting on and off tour buses, river boats and hotel shuttles. They waddled up and down River Street buying tourist crap and salt water taffy. The lack of children (babies, toddlers, kids under 20) was downright eerie.

Some pics from walking around:
Dean Martin

Swine Flu Graffiti

Oh, and this way to South Carolina…

At Wade Rockett‘s recommendation, we dined at Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons Restaurant.
The Lady and Sons

My wife is a huge Paula Deen fan and took it upon herself to send me nasty text messages throughout the meal to reinforce how unfair it was I was there and not her. It was justified. I had the Steak and Pie, which includes a tomato pot pie surrounded by steak tips. Really great, actually.

Steak and Tomato Pie

Liz had the Crab Stuffed Shrimp wrapped in bacon (three animals in every bite!), and we split the double deep fat fried friend green tomatoes.
Fried Green Tomatoes

Angie had the signature Chicken Pot Pie, which was made with enough butter that the sauce was separating before she took three bites. Now that’s southern cookin’!
Chicken Pot Pie

My hotel this trip was the Hilton Savannah DeSoto.

Hilton Savannah DeSoto Room 707

The desk chair was boringly functional with little to no adjustments and no lumbar support. However, it had arms and a high back. I give it a C+.
Business Chair, Hilton Savannah DeSoto

And here’s a TP folding report for my pal Ed:
TP Folding Report, Hilton Savannah DeSoto

More pictures here.

The stars at night are big and bright: Greg in San Antonio

Before arriving at San Antonio this week, I had no idea there even was a river in SA. Haha. Turns out there is quite the riverwalk, plus we were there during Fiesta:
San Antonio Riverwalk

And here’s the obligatory Alamo photo. Yes, there was a huge gift shop:
Alamo, San Antonio

Here’s the view from my hotel room (1815) at the Grand Hyatt. That’s the Alamo Dome.
Alamo Dome from Hotel

This is the desk and chair:
Desk Chair, Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX

The chair had quality lumbar support, height and tilt. Truly an A-…
Desk Chair, Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX

Here’s a TP Report for my pal Ed:
TP Report, Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX

AND…while visiting Brooke Army Medical Center, I had the chance to see a sweet demo of the “Chung-bot,” a RP-7 remote presence robot used to care for patients remotely by its namesake, Dr. Kevin Chung….

Gregbot 4000

More photos from the trip here.