Life Lessons from The Magic Door

Happy Friday! I spent the last week on PTO hanging out with my sister, niece and nephew from Idaho. We went to the beach, the pool, the Crayola Experience, and lots of parks and nature reserves for hiking and nature time. And I introduced them to the Minnesota State Bird (the mosquito – they’re bad […]

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Social Pulse, Week of July 29

Social Network Updates: This week Snap and Twitter started running separate but simultaneous ad campaigns with a common theme: You aren’t your true self when you use Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is funding research to decode spoken dialog from brain activity. Senator Josh Hawley proposed legislation to prohibit social media companies from exploiting users through […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 6-3

Animals appear in real life with new Google Lens feature in Safari: Try this right now! If you have a newer iPhone, open Safari, Google “horse” and click on “Meet a life-sized horse up close” then “AR.” Read my full blog post about this technology and the implications for marketers here. AirDrop Culture: Has anyone […]

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Social Pulse, Week of 5-13

RIP Grumpy Cat! This week Instagram created a special ecommerce account called @shop that curates posts from online merchants that sell products through Insta. Every product on the @shop account has shopping tags that lets users make a direct purchase without leaving the app. Open the app on your phone, follow @shop, and check it […]

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