SWAN of the Week, No 119

Have you ever felt like you need to be in multiple places at once?

A Russian startup launched serial production of unique life-like robots that not only look like you and mimic your facial expressions, but also can work for you. So now it’s technically possibly to be in two places at once. Read on!

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Social Pulse, Week of 4-8

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that that 82% of Americans say social media is a waste of time, and more than half believe Facebook and Twitter divide our country and spread falsehoods. But it’s not all terrible. The study also showed that 60% of Americans say they feel more hopeful rather than more worried […]

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Meeting Sophia the Robot

I got to meet Sophia the Robot today. She can see faces, make eye contact, recognize people and improvise answers. She spoke at the United Nations and was named the first robot citizen (Saudi Arabia). Humanoid robots have a long way to go, but the advancements in A.I., psychology and uses for this kind of technology are […]

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