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IMG_7265If my Grandpa was still alive he would be turning 100 this year.

A common saying when I would go visit my grandparents and show off a toy — particularly anything that plugged in or took a battery was, “What will they think of next?”

And if my Speak & Spell and light up shoes were awe-inspiring, you can imagine what someone who grew up on a farm with no electricity or running water would think of Google Glass and drone-mounted cameras.

It’s not clear who THEY are, but it was evident they’ve been busy as I walked around the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

You can see all of the #whatlltheythinkofnext Vines I filmed the jump (and yes, I know they break my WordPress template. Maybe THEY could come up with a way to better embed video in a blog).

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I read it in the newspaper, so I know it’s true…

I’m tweeting as Punxsutawney Phil yet again this year. See previous years here.

LINK: Interview I did with Ogilvy about @groundhogphil.

I’ll say it again this year:
I will glad turn over the account to the PP folks in PA. Let me know if you guys want it!

Was digging through my filing cabinet at work and pulled out these two brand new Blackberry holsters. I’m not really a holster kind of guy but thought I should try them out for the day.

This one has an Ace of Base cassette single for “Sign.”
Ace of Base holster

This one has Chapstick and Lifesavers.
Chapstick and Lifesavers holster

I’m one cool dude.

Have a whole different meaning after kids.

It’s safe to say this year’s tweeting as Punxsutawney Phil greatly eclipsed last year’s experience.

With a dramatic increase in followers, more than 1300 retweets and some major news pick-up, I’m pretty thrilled with the response to me posting sarcastic tweets on behalf of a groundhog this year.

Here’s some of the media coverage:


Huffington Post wrote about my beloved @GroundhogPhil yesterday afternoon, Punxsutawney Phil: Groundhog Day STAR Shines On Social Networks:

There is also plenty of Twitter activity. Some unofficial Punxsutawney Phil Twitter accounts can be entertaining, such as @GroundhogPhil, who tweeted just moments ago, “You try forecasting underground while asleep, chump,” in response to this tweet: “Prognosticating PunxsutawneyPhil has only been correct 39% since 1887.”


And this morning, Good Morning America retweeted the tweet we were all waiting for (to its 1.7 million followers):

Eek! A horrifying shadow! I’m going back to bed. Guess that’s 6 more weeks of winter, chumps!


National Geographic Daily wrote Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow–And Long WinterThis year “immortal” Punxsutawney Phil—supposedly born no later than the 19th century—broadcast his Groundhog Day prediction in some decidedly 21st-century ways…

People interested in Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction also had the option of receiving his forecast by text message or through Twitter.


Urlesque wrote Meet the Internet’s Social Network-Savvy Groundhogs:

When Minneapolis blogger Greg Swan noticed that Pennsylvania’s most famous rodent doesn’t broadcast his prediction on Twitter, he set up the GroundhogPhil account to help the little guy out. Greg’s since learned that despite a cushy life, Phil is a bit of a curmudgeon:
“Lots of folks think Phil is a cuddly, happy woodland creature, but in actuality, he’s a grumpy, sarcastic little woodchuck who doesn’t appreciate humans pestering him out of his warm burrow. As @groundhogphil’s tweets indicate, life isn’t all grasshoppers and grubs up on Gobbler’s Knob. And that Al Roker better stop talking smack, or he’s going to find himself a Groundhog Day’s surprise.”


The Phoenix New Times wrote Punxsutawney Phil “Tweets” About Seeing His Shadow; For Phoenix That’s Probably a Good Thing:

Normally we would rely on morning shows like Good Morning America to broadcast Phil’s findings but this year the groundhog took his message mainstream — he “tweets.”

“Eek! A horrifying shadow! I’m going back to bed,” Punxsutawney Phil “writes” on his Twitter page. “Guess that’s 6 more weeks of winter, chumps!”

Joke’s on you, Phil, you’re only a “chump” if you don’t live in Phoenix.

What a fun run, but I’ll admit I’m glad it’s over. Here’s hoping my alarm clock doesn’t play “I Got You Babe” tomorrow, and we do this day over.

NOTE: If you represent Punxsutawney Phil and/or Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, I will gladly turn over the Twitter account to you. I’m just having some fun, so please shoot me a note.