Last week in pictures

My coworkers creating a website… A date night trip to the iSold it on eBay store! Yes, a physical store where you can’t actually buy anything… A date night trip to the very first shopping mall – sadly more than 1/3 empty. Surreal… More after the jump!

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Strawberry Harvest

I wish my wife and son ate strawberries, because I’m harvesting strawberries from our backyard nearly every single night. I guess that’s more for me. They are way sweeter than you get at the store — probably because they aren’t doused with chemicals and transported thousands of miles. It’s the little things, you know…

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Compost = tackled

Oh thank God: the compost monster at my house has been slain. Before After Well…damn. I guess I forgot to take a good after picture. You can tell it’s not there in the top right corner of this photo. I got it all churned up and distributed into my two compost bins (see previous post), […]

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Them peppers is spicy

We had a hot pepper tasting at work today thanks to my colleague Erik, who grows them in his basement. This is Erik. You’ll note he wears gloves to chop up the peppers — yet then you put them in your mouth! Erik grows Dorset Nagas, the hottest peppers in the world. He also brought […]

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