SWAN of the Week, 9-25

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Happy Friday! 

The top link clicked in last week’s newsletter was a map that showed which state flags have toes. You are all sending me signals I need to include more weird stuff! And I do love weird stuff. 

In other news… at some point this week I was looking at my Twitter “followers” versus “following” and wondered how many of those folks I’m following are inactive accounts. I used Unfollower Stats for $3 to find out I was following more than 3700 inactive accounts and started unfollowing the long dormant ones. It’s not the most modern tool, but WOW did it help pull that data quickly.

What a blast from the past going through those old profiles! There were long dead accounts for the Dramatic Chipmunk meme! And old conferences. And people I used to talk to all the time in those first years.

And yes, my @pizzapizza account where I used to anonymously use SMS text-based Twitter to document delivering pizzas on the weekends –  documenting bad tips, naked folks answering the door, and more. It was written up by City Pages back in 2007 as a reason you should always tip your delivery driver. That was all before Little Caesar’s took my account on a trademark infringement, branded it, and now hasn’t tweeted at all 10 years. It’s a travesty, really. 

For next week I’m writing a big feature on deepfakes — the history, recent innovations, misuse and creative applications. I’ve written about deepfake technology 17 times in the last year, and it’s time to go deep-er. Do you have a favorite deepfake-related video, app, study, etc? Drop me a link here, and I may include it!

And you can read this week’s Social Pulse trend report here.

See you on the internet!

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