SWAN of the Week, Number 164

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Happy Friday!
This week I had the pleasure of sharing my “Creativity in the Modern Age” keynote with the stellar team at the Drake University Admissions Office.
Even though I’ve worked at marketing agencies since I was 17, I didn’t always know this is what I wanted to do for a vocation. In fact, I’ve always loved technology and innovation, so started college in engineering school.
I quickly learned that was WAY more math and science than I was prepared for, and the huge state school classes and method just weren’t for me. After one year, my grades and transcript was a train wreck, and I left college. But Admissions Office at Drake, the dean of the journalism school, and “Young Greg” struck a deal. If I took three classes on probation and got straight A’s, they would let me in full-time. It was pretty unprecedented and gracious on their part.
They took a chance on me. And I stepped up and got my sh*t together. I learned it’s not hard to get straight A’s if you 1) choose a path you’re interested in, 2) go to class, 3) study, and 4) keep the partying contained until after at least 4 p.m. I learned foundational life lessons, how to channel my love of technology into communications, and critical thinking skills from the talented staff at Drake that I’ve carried with me into everything I do.
So it was an honor to share my story, life lessons, theories and thoughts about creativity in our present circumstance with the current admissions team this week. Can you imagine recruiting and placing students in the COVID-19 era? What a challenge. And it’s clear they are passionate, innovative, and up for what’s next.
And… this week I was also interviewed by PR Week about how my family has approached the summer-at-home with a creative lens:

PR Week: A vacation during the pandemic? – Who needs a dreamy vacation to Hawaii when you can take a trip to see the world’s largest ball of twine?

You’ll probably hit a paywall, but you can read it and watch the video at the bottom of this post!
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