Social Pulse, Week of 4-13

Help Name All the Colors! There are more than 16 million colors in the #RGB universe, and now you can help name them! Just head to and submit your name for one, or more! So far less than 2 million colors have been named, so odds are you can find one to name.

SocNet Updates: Instagram Live streams are now viewable on the web (outside the app) and they’re testing a Challenge sticker. IGTV has some updates for creators, plus a new preview for Stories. Snapchat, who usually stays away from public consumption metrics, is testing public play counts on shows. Facebook is testing an experimental app for messaging with close friends over Apple Watch.

Contactless Payment Adoption Accelerating: The idea of paying with your phone or in a cashier-less Amazon Go Store was once held up as a convenience but is now emerging as a way to exchange dollars without touching surfaces. Here are 6 quick steps to adding your bank’s check card to Apple Pay or Android Pay to start using your phone to pay instead of a physical card.

Facebook Group Admin Workshops: Facebook is hosting a free online training event series to help community managers next week, April 21-23, including topics about general community management, managing growth and conflict, and dealing with COVID-19 issues. Register here.

Pinterest Planning: In an effort to better help brands understand people’s needs right now, Pinterest shared: Trending searches on Pinterest for April 2020. Topics include health and wellness, parenting, food, beauty and personal care, and this newsroom-focused Pinterest board to get inspiration.

A.I. Song Contest: Can artificial intelligence compose a song that is just as successful as a Top 40 hit? In the AI Song Contest teams from 13 worldwide teams as a public research project on A.I. and its impact on human creativity. Some are pretty good. Others are not. Listen and vote here.

Microsoft Teams Tries to Catch Zoom: Use of Teams increased 1,000% during March, and this week we learned Teams is working to add multi-window chat and up to 9 video boxes at a time by the end of the month (although Zoom supports up to 49) and added a handful of virtual backgrounds you can choose (although not your own custom ones). Here’s how to try them out. And here’s a link to pay $100 for a llama to join your Zoom.

TV Guide for Live Content: Everybody is making live content right now, but how can you sort it all? Using a new tool called “Your Live Guide” that includes searchable terms, notifications and recommendations.

Facebook Group of the Week: There is a Facebook Group called “A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony” and that’s pretty much what it is. And almost 300,000 people are pretending to be ants. LIFT! BITE!

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