Social Pulse, Week of 3-9

Viral Handwashing: Wash Your Lyrics is a new tool that pairs the lyrics to any song with mema-able hand washing instructions. Here’s one set to Slipknot! And check out the SCRUB app that gives you push notification reminders to wash your hands!

COVID-19 Social Updates: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all put measure in place to avoid price gouging and misinformation on their platforms. Facebook launched a Business Resource Hub to provide support for small businesses. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta launched a podcast called “Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction.” is compiling a huge list of false coronavirus claims in social. And here’s a super long read on why video conference call technology never works.

Influencers Get More Ridiculous: YouTuber Tana Mongeau is Gen Z’s Paris Hilton. Key quote: “MTV is like my Illuminati sugar daddy.” The Hype House is melting down. And virtual CGI influencer Lil Miquela announced she is “consciously uncoupling” from her human boyfriend.

That Sweet Sleep $$: Back in 2015, teenagers starting a trend called #sleepsqud where they would stream themes sleeping on YouNow. But it’s 2020, and now TikTokers are going viral live-streaming themselves while they sleep – some even earning up to $10 a night! Key quote: “Audiences really like the behind the scenes of someone’s life… They want authentic, engaging content. Watching someone sleeping, while it’s unique and somewhat strange, as you start to understand what really works on social media, it makes sense.”

Facebook Stories on Instagram: Facebook is testing cross-posting Facebook Stories to Instagram. You’ve been able to syndicate Instagram Stories to Facebook. Soon it may work both ways.

Snap Facts: Fast Company named Snapchat the world’s most innovative company this week. From its protection of user privacy, mainstreaming augmented reality (puppy face filters!), and pioneering of vertical first content (Discover), Snap may not be the #1 social network for active users, but it’s doing a lot of things well. However, we just learned NBC Universal quietly sold their entire $500 million stake in Snap last year.

TikTok Updates: This week, TikTok is rolling out some new analytics tools in its Creator Marketplace app, including real-time insights into influencer campaign views, engagement rates, engaged audience demographics and more. Don’t have access yet? Apply via this link. Also of note, TikTok is testing the ability to attach a link to Wikipedia, Yelp or TripAdvisor. Will they soon be able to link to a brand’s website or microsite? We’ll see.

Writing Effective Tweet Copy: Twitter creative lead Joe Wadlington is back sharing tips for writing tweets. In short: less is more, don’t use emojis if they are repetitive, use white space effectively. If you dig this, check out Joe’s first one where he says hashtags are important but sometimes you don’t need them at all.

Insta of the Week: Artist @brunopontiroli posts artwork of animals contorted into ridiculous positions. It’s a nice change-up in a perfectly curated feed.