SWAN of the Week, Number 139

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

-Stephen Hawking

Happy Friday!

We only have one week until “WTF is Social Media in 2020” at Social Media Breakfast here in Minneapolis next Friday. I’ve been working on the presentation and am pretty excited about it, to be honest. 

I’ve been watching Counterpart on Amazon Prime Video. It tells the story of two parallel universes and the ability to go between them and witness the lives of your “other” through a gateway in Berlin. The series brings up some really compelling questions about the decisions we make in life and how you just can’t go back when you use A vs B. There is actually quite a bit of evidence out there for a multiverse, and I’m on the side of: life is a mystery, and I’m open to mystery. These are the things I think about for “fun.”

On the commute, I’ve been listening to the 1982 album “Disco Jazz” by Rupa on repeat. It’s a mix of Bollywood and Balearic electronic music. And it’s very listenable in the car, at work and at my kids’ soccer practice. 

This Sunday is the premiere of Perkons VR at the Wende Museum of the Cold War in LA, a virtual reality rockumentary film I helped launch in Paris and then promote for the last two years. If you know anyone in the area, be sure to pass it along

See you on the internet!


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