SWAN of the Week, Number 138

“We must face the fact that every degree of independence we give the machine is a degree of possible defiance of our wishes…. We can be humble and live a good life with the aid of the machines, or we can be arrogant and die.”

-Norbert Wiener, 1949

Happy Friday!

This week I was in Phoenix enjoying some 50 degree temps and nerding out over wireframes and content strategy.

The secret agency dare words we assigned each other in the important client meeting this week were:

  • ✅Jackfruit
  • ✅E.T.
  • ✅Phytoplankton 
  • ✅Exacerbate

The rules are that you have to use these dare words during the course of the meeting but CANNOT let anyone know they are dare words. To be clear, you don’t want to be disrespectful or distracting. This is supposed to add some levity to hours of meetings.

We once had a CMO pick up on the game and hand over the full accounting of the dare words at the end of the meeting…. and we gave him a dare word of his own for the next one. Also: The dare word game is my sports.

Be sure to register for my upcoming keynote at Social Media Breakfast MSP, called “WTF is Social Media in 2020?” on February 28. It’s going to be provocative, educational and hopefully encouraging in a world where social media gets such a bad rap. You can get tickets here

See you on the internet!


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