Social Pulse, Week of 2-10

Google Maps German Marriage Proposal: Do You Want to Marry Me?

Instagram Updates: You can now reply to your friends’ stories using Giphy GIFS. Update your app to try it. Instagram is also testing a video trim option, which would be so welcomed!

#ToddlerSelfies: You know those weird selfies toddlers take by the hundred when they get ahold of your phone? The Atlantic wrote about them and their role in modern childhood development. Key quote: “Toddlers think that [selfies] are amazing. This is a time when children are so unselfconscious, so accepting of how they look and who they are.”

Google’s Fake-Spotting Tool: In the latest attempt to help stop the spread of fake and doctored images, Google has released a tool called Assembler that looks for telltale algorithm tweaks in images to notify journalists if they have been faked. Fake-spotting could end up being a huge business vertical, and look for these kinds of tools to start being incorporated into all social networks as a general rule. You may have seen this on Instagram.

Emoji Mashup Stickers: You know the Emoji Mashup Bot I told you about back in July? Google is rolling out its own emoji mashup stickers called “Emoji Kitchen” that features emoji combinations. Key quote: “You know those times when you want to convey that you’re feeling like both a cowboy and a ghost? Yeah, it’s for that sort of thing.”

Naming a Baby in the Social Media Age: Made up baby names are becoming extremely popular. Move over Liam and William, Olivia and Cora. Instead, here come Jaspin, Elisobelle, Wrenlow, and Maevery. A recent study showed 72% of respondents believe a unique name will help their child stand out from the crowd. Another 1 in 50 chose a made up name for their baby with social media in mind. A more unique name means their child’s social media account will be that much easier for potential followers to find. Until everyone is named Wrenlow, of course.

Snapchat is Here For You: With research showing social media use may exacerbate or trigger mental health issues, social networks are slowly starting to think about their responsibility and opportunity to help users. This week Snapchat added a new tool called “Here For You” that intervenes in your search for things like anxiety, depression or thinspo to highlight helpful content written by experts.

App of the Week: 56k Photo is the “world’s slowest photo app.” It recreates the experience of a dial-up internet photo loading experience, complete with terrible pixilation and a super slow UX. It’s the best worst app.