You’re Invited to the LA premiere of Perkons VR

I’m super excited to invite you to the Los Angeles premiere exhibition of our virtual reality short film Pērkons: A VR Rockumentary at The Wende Museum of the Cold War in Culver City, CA on February 23rd.
The film tells the story of Pērkons, the Latvian rock band that used a unique blend of hard rock and subversive lyrics to change the course of history – challenging the Soviet status quo in Latvia in the 1980s.
Combining found footage and photography with bleeding edge VR storytelling techniques, this is a story laden with pre-Internet virality, underground information sharing, and cobbled electronics from found parts. It’s a fascinating tale that has never felt more alive, or more relevant. Watch the trailer here.

More than 20 Fallon employees worked together on this project. I had the honor of helping debut the film at VivaTech in Paris before it embarked on a global tour of Latvia, Belgium, Canada, New York City, 4A’s CreateTech, Shift Film Festival in The Netherlands, and a featured talk at MIT’s Open Documentary Lab.

Rolling Stone magazine called it, “A moving and immersive work that demonstrates the power of music.”
This opening reception will celebrate the addition of Fallon’s VR documentary to the Wende Museum’s collection on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 2 to 5 p.m. Watch the trailer here. RSVP here!


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