I’m quoted in Forbes about TikTok and the Super Bowl

This week I’m quoted in this Forbes article about TikTok and its role in the Super Bowl: As Super Bowl Advertisers Flock To TikTok, CMOs Are Cautiously Curious

Here’s my full take with a little more context and thought:

Although Twitter will still factor heavily into real-time engagement, TikTok is the social network to watch for the Super Bowl this year.  The NFL is engaging with football fans on their official account, with #touchdowncelebration already racking up 4.3 million views. Both Chiefs and 49ers are posting pre-game content, and Jennifer Lopez is posting footage from her halftime rehearsals.
Twitter hashtags are still the primary organizing place to chat about Super Bowl advertising. But given the popularity and buzzworthy status of the platform, TikTok should be an added focus for big game advertisers this year. 

Look for brands to not only buy TikTok takeovers and hashtag challenges to drive on-platform engagement, but also to experiment with driving followers and views to TikTok from other social channels. I’m not sure if we’ll see TikTok in the spots, but probably spots inspired by the exploding social network.

I’m excited for a new social network. New energy. New creativity. It’s a new place to advertise as a complement to TV. Bring on the new mediums.


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