How to Make the Most of LinkedIn

In May 2020, LinkedIn will turn 17 years-old, making it one of the oldest and most successful social media networks of the modern age.

But it’s more than a resume builder or networking tool for multi-level marketers. It’s a powerful destination for career networking, thought leadership and organic engagement in 2020.

I was interviewed for the January 2020 issue of Twin Cities Business about LinkedIn and why it’s the first social networking app I open each day.

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View it as more than a resume tool. “LinkedIn used to be more about polishing an online resume and networking for that next job. Today it’s a go-to destination for people looking to network, engage, and learn. The content and user experience is better than ever.”

Ensure your personal profile is completely filled out, including education, professional roles, and volunteer opportunities. “This information helps LinkedIn know who you are and who you should be connected with. It also serves as a real-time curriculum vitae for the common man—a helpful tool in an era where people change jobs and roles more often. I’ve developed deep and valuable relationships through networking on LinkedIn, including people I wouldn’t have met in person otherwise.”

Read the feed. “The LinkedIn feed can be an extremely high-quality content resource compared to Facebook and Twitter. With categories like Trending, Recommended for You, and Mentioned in the News, the LinkedIn feed features content that can make your morning news skim result in an insight for knowledge you’ll carry with you into your workday.”

Posting is increasingly important. “Try sharing an anecdote, celebrating a colleague, or asking for advice, and you’ll be surprised how many comments you will rack up organically. It’s reminiscent of the pre-algorithm era of social media, where hundreds of people will see your posts and genuinely want to engage in a dialog. You may even have your question answered or opinion changed.”

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