SWAN of the Week, No. 123 –5 Digital + Pop Culture Journalists to Follow

Happy Friday!

I’m often asked how I track and stay on top of so many trends. My answer is typically some combination of: embrace curiosity; seek out culture; and pay attention all the time.

But that answer always seems like such a cop-out and not exactly helpful.

So this week as I was putting together the Social Pulse, I realized there are some sources I find extremely valuable in keeping a pulse on what’s happening.

Below are five journalists I highly recommend following – both at their publications and also their personal channels…

Taylor Lorenz

Taylor Lorenz is internet culture reporter at the New York Times, a role she just started in the last month after a breakout run at The Atlantic and Daily Beast. She also started and runs the GradeATikToks account on Instagram.

Follow her here: NYT bylines, Twitter, Instagram, newsletter

Some of her recent stories worth noting:

Kalhan Rosenblatt

Kalhan Rosenblatt is a reporter for NBC News, who had previous stints at MSBNC and Daily Mail.

Follow her here: NBC bylines, Twitter

Some of her recent stories worth noting:

Dave Jorgenson

Dave Jorgenson is a video editor at the Washington Post who is becoming known as the guy who stars in all of the WaPo TikToks featuring Presidential candidates. Here’s a thread of his TikTok’s with Presidential candidates.

Follow him here: Twitter, @WashingtonPost on TikTok

Some of his recent TikToks worth noting:

Kerry Flynn

Kerry Flynn is media reporter at CNN, after hugely successful stints at Digiday and Mashable.

Follow her here: CNN bylines, Twitter, LinkedIn

Some of her recent stories worth noting:

Marty Swant

Marty Swant is a former staff writer at Adweek who recently moved to Forbes to cover marketing, advertising and technology.

Follow him here: Forbes byline, Twitter, LinkedIn

Some of his recent stories worth noting:

So that’s a place to start. Who are your must-follow reporters? Leave a comment and let me know.

See you on the internet!


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