Social Pulse, Week of 10-14

Facebook’s Holiday Marketing Guide: With only a couple months to go, Facebook has released their 2019 Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide featuring trends, a planning calendar and insights. Here’s the downloadable PDF guide.

Instagram Data Transparency: In the next 6 months Instagram is rolling out some new security features that show which active and expired apps you’ve shared your data with. This will be under Settings –> Security –> Apps and Websites.

Tweet of the Week: You know when there’s a long Twitter thread that can be hard to follow in the native app? Simply reply to the thread, mention “unroll” and tag @threadreaderapp, and ThreadReader will transform the string into a readable page instantly!

TikTok Explainers: This week some of the big media publishers have been sharing the popularity of TikTok, with explainer articles on NBC News “Teens are using humor on TikTok to meme the news” and New York Times “48 Hours in the Strange and Beautiful World of TikTok.” If you haven’t yet downloaded and played with TikTok, now is the time!

LinkedIn Events: This week LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Events, where “you’ll be able to seamlessly create and join professional events, invite your connections, manage your event, have conversations with other attendees, and stay in touch online after the event ends.” Similar to Facebook Events but with a professional angle, this feature seems ripe for heavy adoption.

Insta of the Week: @curatedbyfb features stories on the people, brands, and ideas shaping digital culture by @facebook and @instagram.

Alexa Command of the Week: Just say, “Alexa, give me a blooper”

The Shoe is the New Dress: This week a years-old meme of a tennis shoe that some people see as pink and white and others see as grey and teal went viral again. It’s 2017 all over again! What do you see?