Social Pulse, Week of 9-30

Gen Z on the Tier 2 Social Networks: With all the conversation about Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, Gartner wants to make sure marketers don’t forget about the Tier 2 social networks (e.g., Reddit, Discord, Twitch, etc). Although Gen Z’s social media loyalty is low, their activity is broad. See the chart here.

Instagram’s Personalized Mall: Instagram is moving toward a self-described “personalized mall” for its users, including testing a new feature that allows brands to set up reminder notifications when new merchandise drops.

Autonomous Trash Collection: This self-driving garbage can remembers to take the trash to the curb for you. Pricing to be determined!

Instagram Threads: Today Facebook introduced a new camera-first messaging app called Threads, “a new way to message with close friends in a dedicated, private space.” Within the app, users can share photos, videos, messages and Stories with just their closest friends. It will be interesting to track adoption, particularly given the “Status” feature that is kind of like an away message on IM apps.

Facebook Glasses? First Apple glasses, then Amazon glasses, and now Facebook glasses are the latest buzz. Whether we’re ready or not, Augmented Reality Glasses are coming to a face near you in the coming years.

Podcast of the Week: On his latest podcast, Tim Ferriss interviews Ken Burns on the creative process, storytelling, the long game, and the concept of the “Noumenal.” Listen here.

Instas of the Week: @creators is a new account from Instagram meant to provide tips to video creators. @deadmallcrawl is a collection of original photographs of “America’s retail apocalypse.” @dirkkoy curates some amazing experimental film and motion graphics.