Social Pulse, Week of 6-16

Twitter Removes Geolocation:

This week Twitter announced it is removing the ability to tag your precise location from tweets.

It will still ask for access to a user’s precise location to show them local content — such as ads and recommendations but won’t share those coordinates publicly through tweets.

Facebook Comment Rankings:

Facebook has changed the algorithm that elevates comments on public Facebook Pages, giving more weight to Integrity signals, what their data shows people want in comments, how people interact with comments, and what the poster controls.

Brands can turn on/off comment ranking, and I recommend leaving it on.

Insta of the Week:

@JustAConstructionGuy chronicles the life of Omar, a middle-aged construction worker from Austin, Texas who uses his Instagram account to share things like latte art in a Stanley thermos, lighting cigars with a blow torch, and shots from construction sites around Austin.

His 6-week-old account is already at 541,000 followers and climbing.

Facebook $:

This week Facebook announced a new global cryptocurrency called Libra, which the NYT called “the most far-reaching attempt by a mainstream company to jump into the world of cryptocurrencies.”  

This Twitter thread by @EricVoorhees shares some smart insights on the good/bad/ugly about Libra.

Are Pop Star Holograms a Form of Ghost Slavery?

Those Tupac, Michael Jackson and Dio hologram stunts were just the start. Now a Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison show is touring the country, a Whitney Houston show is in the works, and musicians are starting to enlist lawyers to safeguard usage rights for their digital doppelgangers after death.

Check out the Miley Cyrus Black Mirror for a view of how this could play out.

TikTok of the Week:

It’s early days for brands on TikTok, but @WashingtonPost is doing a great job walking the line between participation and trying too hard. Specifically, check out this one. And this one.  

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