Social Pulse, Week of 5-27

Binge Watch: Amazon Prime is streaming “Google and the World Brain,” which covers the most ambitious project ever conceived on the Internet: Google’s master plan to scan every book in the world and the people trying to stop them.

Recommended Follow: I’m loving the @colorpalette.cinema Instagram account, which is dedicated to exploring the use of color in movies using a single screenshot from a film — partnered with a palette of all the colors in the scene.

Facebook Engagement and Video: New research from eMarketer shows user engagement on Facebook is in gradual decline, Instagram is rising, and Snapchat is flat. Video is still king, of course. Here’s new research analyzing what 9,036,594 video posts tell us about Facebook Video Strategy in 2019.

Twitter Live adds Guests: This week Twitter added the ability to bring up to three people into your livestream, turning a stream into a podcast-like experience.

Podcasts = Mainstream: In the last decade podcasts have steadily grown from a niche community of audiobloggers distributing files over the internet, to one-third of Americans now listening monthly (and a quarter listening weekly!). Andreessen Horowitz produced a data-rich study of the podcasting ecosystem here.

RIP Facebook: The number of dead people on Facebook may outnumber the living within 50 years, according to an extreme-case analysis by academics from the University of Oxford. Sounds like it’s time to add your Facebook Legacy Contact, huh?

A Social Network for Plants? Pl@ntNet (pronounced plant-net) is a social network with 100,000 daily active users that lets you id identify plants simply by photographing them with your smartphone. Try it out this weekend! (iOS, Android)

Tweet of the Week: @wasteiandbaby: “why is this video of a sea of elementary school kids going HAM to old town road literally the funniest video i’ve ever seen in my whole life