Brand Innovators Brandfest Summit

This week I was invited to speak at Brand Innovators Future & TV conference at Regis Corporation’s headquarters.

Our panel included Mona Askalani from Regis Corporation, Christian Betancourt from Anytime Fitness, Beth Dahlke from Mall of America and Margaret Shepard from Mayo.

We discussed how social media has changed how we’ve built relationships with consumers over the last few years, how platforms are changing how we reach consumers, the old organic vs. sponsored tension, and how brands can leverage creativity to deliver a better consumer experience.

And of course, I told everyone to download TikTok. Because they should.

Brand Innovators was an extremely impressive conference with some very capable organizers, and it only reinforced how stellar the talent is in this market.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the event or talking about your own upcoming speaking event, hit me up!