Mobile Trends at Mobile Twin Cities

This week it was awesome to speak at Mobile Twin Cities on the topic of “Mobile Trends.”

We mixed up the format a bit. I presented trend information and examples on the topics of Mobile Adoption, Technology Innovation, IoT and Smarthomes, Algorithms and Culture, and Privacy, Ethics and Safety.

At the end of each section, three super smart developers from Buzzfeed — Paul Marino, Sebastian Celis, and Dan Tann — talked about their insights and implications of developing for these platforms.

We had a fantastic conversation and involved everyone in the room. We could have talked all night!

Big thanks to Buzzfeed General Manager Phil Wilson for his stellar organization and insight in pulling together this panel!

You can get notified about upcoming Mobile Twin Cities events by joining their Meetup group. Highly recommended!!

And you’re interested in chatting about this subject and looking through the research I’ve pulled together, hit me up!