Social Pulse, Week of 4-29

Facebook’s F8 conference made headlines this week due to its ‘fundamental shift’ in how it is develops products with privacy in mind, unveiling “a series of changes that will likely push brands away from native and display advertising further into a conversational and commerce-driven strategy.”

Beyond Facebook’s design facelift, product changes and updates announced at Facebook’s F8 include: a Create Mode for Instagram that lets you create an image for Stories that isn’t a photo or video, a “Secret Crush” feature for Facebook Dating (coming to the US this year), a “donation sticker” in Instagram, and a Facebook Messenger desktop app that combines Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram for Windows and MacOS. We expect this become a must-install and live in your desktop toolbar right next to Apple’s Messages app.

An Instagram account based on a true 13-year-old Jewish victim’s journal, called Eva.Stories, is being hailed as the modern Anne Frank dairy of our generation this week. Under the tagline, “What if a girl in the Holocaust had Instagram?”, the Insta Story series is shot in first-person with an ample budget. The result is absolutely powerful, emotional and devastating. Key quote: “If we want to bring the memory of the Holocaust to the young generation, we have to bring it to where they are,” said the project co-producer, Mati Kochavi, an Israeli high-tech billionaire who hails from a family of Holocaust victims, survivors and educators. “And they’re on Instagram.”

Gartner’s L2 has a short post called What Your Brand Can Learn From Venmo that’s worth skimming. Social feeds and comments give users a reason to spend more time on the app, and allows users to scroll through “just to see what their friends are doing.”

What’s Your Creative Type? My hat is off to Adobe Create for getting a bunch of grown adults to take a branded pseudo-science quiz. My feeds are full of these social shares this week. What’s your Creative Type? Take the quiz here.

Still not really “getting” TikTok? Trying following @GradeATikToks on Instagram to inject some of the best curated memes into your timeline and Stories feed. It’s pretty fun.

This week the World Health Organization recommended severely limiting screen time for children under 5 years old, and coincidentally, this video of an ape mindlessly scrolling through Instagram went viral. Take some time to unplug this weekend!

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