Weekly Social Pulse, Week of 1-7

Amazon’s IMDb announced the launch of a free streaming service called Freedive that features free access to ad-supported TV showslike Fringe and The Bachelor, and movies like Monster and The Illusionist. The content is free to watch without a subscription, and works on phone, laptop and streaming TV. 

imdb freedive

Instagram now lets you regram your posts to multiple accounts, which will allow brands and consumers to cross post to different profiles quickly. Some new research on Insta Stories shows they are becoming more popular for advertisers than ever

Twitter announced new real-time event dashboard and audience analytics tools at CES this week. They’re also testing some new conversation tools, which you may see your friends testing in your feeds in the coming weeks.  

Twitter analytics tools

Snapchat released new research that shows 95% of Snapchatters say the app makes them feel happy, more than any other app tested (Twitter made them “anxious”). This may have something to do with the puppy face filters, but we’re not positive.

Beyond U.S.-based social networks, most of us have a lot to learn about WeChat, which the NYT reports is “the equivalent of WhatsApp plus Facebook plus PayPal pus Uber plus GrubHub plus many other things.”

Post-Golden Globes, the marketing director for Fiji water explained how the #FijiWaterGirl takeover was orchestrated. Jamie Lee Curtis was pissed!

In strange meme news this week, museums around the world are sending each other solicited duck pics (SFW)

In chart porn news, Visual Capitalist has a fascinating chart of the Top 20 Biggest Web Properties Over Time — from 1998 to today. Remember Geocities and Lycos?

The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web (1998-Today)