Weekly Social Pulse, Halloween Edition

Meme-Inspired Costumes Will Slay Again This Year: Don’t have a costume picked out to impress your coworkers at your office party next week? Don’t want to be one of 10 shredded Banksy costumes at the bar this weekend? Has your mom not crotched you an epic Slimer costume? Check out these meme-inspired costumes, including Backpack Kid, Walmart Yodel Boy, Salt Bae and 4 different Kermit options. Hey, at least they aren’t bad rip-offs.

Ghost Choir, the song: Artist Louie Zong is most well-known for his work on Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears,” but he’s also a musician and animator who makes short-form content that’s incredibly interesting and shareable. His latest is called “Ghost Choir” and it’s already surpassed a million views on Twitter. It features a simple keyboard melody sung by a ghost sextet. It’s charming, catchy and worth watching a couple times before 10/31.

Haunted Instagram Museums Are a Thing: Given the recent trend of pop-up experiences designed for social sharing, like The The Museum of Pizza that opened this week, of course there are some cropping up designed for Halloween. At Nightmare Machine in Brooklyn, visitors can pose for a picture where it looks like they’re being sliced up by a maniacal butcher, pose for a picture in a creepy laundromat, pose for a picture in “hell” (a red ball pit) and more. Vox has a great overview of other spooky-themed popup experiences here.


Best Dog Costume Ever: ABC has a great list of Halloween costumes for man’s best friend, including Waldo, Storm Trooper and UPS Man. But if you haven’t seen this dog in an elephant costume acting like a wind-up toy, we think you’ve been too busy this week.

Halloween Maternity Shoot with Twist Ending: We’ve all clicked through family photo albums on Facebook, with their perfect smiles and outfits and backgrounds. But this Canadian couple has upped the bar on their staged maternity photos  – including an alien-like Xenomorph bursting out of the womb and the new dad chasing down his “newborn child” with blood everywhere. Here’s the full Facebook album – just keep clicking next to see the madness unfold!