Weekly Social Pulse, Week of 8-27

Is this the real life/Is this just fantasy: There has been a flurry of clever Twitter reveals recently, where a user has spent the last weeks or months covertly encoding messages or song lyrics into their tweets (and no, we’re not talking about QAnon). The latest is a woman who snuck ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ lyrics into four months of tweets and then revealed it this week. The University of Minnesota student crafted every one of her outgoing tweets so that the first word in each tweet spells out the lyrics of the Queen hit song in its entirety. The reveal tweet has more than half a million likes already. Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go!

These Major Global Beauty Trends are Taking Over Pinterest: With over 8 billion beauty ideas and 207 million beauty boards, Pinterest users offer a lot of insight into beauty trends based on their pins. This week Pinterest released their Global Beauty Report 2018, which shows trends like purple eyeshadow and braids are up in the U.S., pixie haircuts are up in Germany, and the U.K. is all about the side bun. See the whole report here.

pinterest global beauty report 

A short story about a ‘very good birb’ named Henry: Astronomer Alex Parker made friends with a wild blue jay he dubbed Henry after the bird arrived in his yard looking “scruffy” and thirsty. The pair developed a friendship as Henry gained back his strength. This is their story.

Snalien Abduction: Our new favorite Instagram account is @aleia, an artist who takes actual living snails and puts them in miniatures scenes, for shots like snails at work, snails at work, romantic mountain with wine. The culmination of this snail couture? A music video featuring live-action snail goodness.

Be Kind; Rewind: Now that the final Blockbusters in Alaska have closed, Bend, Oregon is home to the last bastion of an American entertainment icon and this week it got its own commemorative craft beer from 10 Barrel Brewing. Haven’t visited a video rental store lately? This video walkthrough of the store is a blast from the past and this unofficial Twitter account is a must follow because of tweets like, “Just a reminder that while Netflix was busy adding commercials to your experience we were busy adding ant traps to give you an ant free experience.” RIP Blockbuster.